01. Hello world

Posted 2016-04-27

So I’m starting a pretty unique journey. After I spent a few years in strategy consulting, where I spent a lot of time advising executives in telecom and development, I’ve just finished a brief but intense stint in Mexico City’s growing entrepreneurship and tech landscape. Now I’m starting an MBA to focus on these topics.

I’m excited for these next steps! I’ve told people about what I’m doing and oftentimes I get a common response: “You should start a blog!” Peer pressure, man. But seriously, I think there’s huge value in sharing my insights. Recently I’ve noticed (among colleagues, MBAs, and techies) that there’s a lot of interest in Mexico right now, and in all the opportunities it’s presenting. Hopefully I can shed some light on things on the ground there.

(I’ll also throw in some recommendations for Mexico City also because, according to my very unscientific and anecdotal evidence, I’ve never seen a city be more “hot” than CDMX is right now. Probably for good reason, though, since the city’s food, weather, and general quality of life are extremely hard to beat.)

So real quick: Just who am I? I’m an MBA at Wharton, and before this I worked for a bit for ALL Venture Partners, Mexico’s leading early stage venture capital fund. Prior to that I spent a few years at the consulting firm Monitor Deloitte, advising clients in telecommunications, finance, and international development in Mexico and a number of other countries. I spend most my time thinking (and writing!) about entrepreneurship, telecom and tech, and Latin America. A lot of times I think and write about all of them at once.

This blog’s meant to chronicle my upcoming travels and throw out some ideas about entrepreneurship and tech/telecom and Latin America. Might include some bad jokes for good measure. Maybe I’ll even arrive at some useful insights. Hope you can enjoy the ride with me!

If you want to get in touch you can email me at wial (at) Wharton (dot) upenn (dot) edu, or find me on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Talk soon!